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Karl Hutton Bespoke Joinery Ltd

website accessibility

The site is designed to maximise accessibility, including:

  • To ensure text legibility, the main text is scaleable in size - use "View/Text size" on your browser topbar menu, to change the size of text in your browser.
  • For those using a screenreader or with images turned off on their browser, all images (other than those solely used for layout decoration) carry text alternatives (alt tags).
  • Access keys are enabled, particularly useful for those using screenreaders, PDAs and mobile phones. This feature allows the visitor to move directly to each link, or to skip the navigation section and go straight to the page content. The shortcut keys can be accessed by using ALT+an access key (Windows) or CONTROL+an access key (Mac), followed by Return. Access keys are as follows:
    • "1" Skip navigation
    • "2" Home page
    • "3" Contact
    • "4" Site Map
  • This site is designed using Cascading Style Sheets. You can therefore override these styles if you are using your own Author's stylesheet. Valid HTML Valid CSS
  • All pages on this site are designed according to the W3Consortium Content Accessibility Guidelines Priority 2.
  • Alternative versions of the Gallery pages are available which do not use JavaScript:
  • If you have any comments on the site accessibility, we welcome your comments, by email.